Why Brass Knuckles Should Live in Your Purse

Email Sent in by Georgiana:

Hey luv.

Did you catch that hailstorm last night? Hailstones the size of my balls fell right in our area! Hope you were safe.

Speaking of balls…… oh I'm kidding! They're great when they're large, bad when they're small. Am I right? Or would you even know(???).

Women can sometimes feel awkward when first meeting a man and I understand. I will take things slow until you understand that I'm a good sweet guy who just wants to take your hand and guide you to the best places.

Like places where hailstones fall low ;)

Talk to you soon.



  1. Dr. Churro Flamínguez diagnoses Spencer with acute sexiness fail. Do you concur, doctors?

  2. Dr. Feltersnatch finds nothing acute about his comments or the size of his balls, at all!

    Nurse Nikki? Paging Nurse Nikki...?

  3. Dr. Baku feels that his balls look like shriveled grapes and advises that immediate castration take place.

  4. Meteorologist Tophobia would like to add in the additional fact that the average hail stone is no larger than a pea. I'd refer Spencer to any of the qualified doctors above. Though I do not recommend that any reproductive improvement be performed.

  5. Why is Clikki a nurse? Because she does more for less pay? Says Nurse Connie :)

  6. Yes, Nurse Connie, and I have to deal with asshole doctors like Feltersnatch up there.

    Nurse Nikki-Clikki recommends the patient be quarantined in an airtight box for the remainder of his life. His disease of Over-Active Ball Syndrome is highly contagious.

    ...of course none of the doctors will listen to me. Amiright, Nurse Connie?


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