When You Have Crack on Christmas Eve...

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About me:

I'm looking for a girl who's tired of games. It means a lot to me to sit next to you on a couch on xmas open presents and tear off your brand new dolce/gabbana outfit like a rabid mongoose. We'll do it if the kids are there or not. If they're too young then they won't remember. If they're old enough we will send them into another room or if the mood is upon us strongly we just won't care! Maybe our clothes will cover their faces!

Don't worry. Kids aren't like stained glass windows. You can always make more.


  1. RealDolls don't play games and you can tear their clothes off and do whatever you want to them anytime.

  2. Maybe the "kids" are actually RealDolls. Then it's okay to be frisky in front of them, right?

  3. You guys are onto something. Maybe if he does this to a realdoll, he won't have to worry about kids (or women) being a part of the equation.

    On a side note, it boggles the mind that men seem to believe women are just as into sex as they are.

  4. Yeah, how completely bizarre and weird! Everyone knows women only use sex as a weapon against men and don't enjoy it at all!

    Better check your calendar, Sean. It's 2011, not the dark ages.

  5. Next time on TownTalk: The Female Orgasm - Myth or Total Fabrication?

  6. ^^ @Sean

    You just haven't met the right girl yet ;)
    They might be more covert about it, but some of them will go batcrazy if they don't get it 3 times a day

  7. I know I find the horrified yet transfixed gazes of innocents to really set the mood. I would have to make sure no clothes landed on their little faces.

  8. Gnomey hit the nail on the head with that one.

  9. In my experience, it's the ones with the quiet shy exterior that are often the nymphos underneath.

  10. Thirded. Sean was trolling/has never had sex with a woman before.

  11. ^ I agree with Clikki.

    Either that, or he's just THAT bad.

  12. ^ Someone else who had taken up the Clikki banner, huzzah!


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