What Was That Last One?

Email Sent in by Marcus:

(Marcus says: "I received this in reply to what I thought was a standard first message, on my part.")

Hello Marco.

I like that you emailed me. The next phase is you considering the purchase of some of my things. I am downgrading my life and am ridding my apartment of the following:

1. Fancy pair of red high heels. Worn once and sanitized.
2. A dozen pastel blouses. Size 6.
3. Some old extension cords and cables.
4. Photo albums without photos in them. (duh).
5. Candy (I prob have your fav).
6. lion

Hit me back! Thank you!!!!



  1. I wish Marcus had replied and expressed interest in the last item, just to see what would have happened.

    If it had been me I would have considered asking whether she had the lion's favorite candy, or said that I would buy all the items, but only if she were to first train the lion to wear the blouses and high heels.

  2. I like that she's offering him a pair of red high heels.

  3. She was just trying to be funny, he probably had a lame opening message like "Hi, how was your weekend?" and she wanted to test if he had a sense of humor or not. He didn't, case closed

  4. I would have bought the the high heels if they were size twelve. That seems unlikely though. Sigh.


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