What Hair Care Products Will Do to You

Profile and Email Sent in by Bailey:

About me:

I've been near and far..I served and protect our country..I am a man of the us military and proud of it..

I have had many obstacles in life for the last ten Yrs..I love what I do.. Im a sarcastic shifty Guy who works hard but plays harder.. I've been in the playboy mansion..I've been in the Yankee clubhouse and dugout..I threw out the first pitch in the 09 series..I've stepped slept and walked the whitehouse..I've been to NASA. .

im a huge deal..I have girls falling all over me..but I hate a girl that is easy..I love challenges..I love the little things

(Bailey says: "This is the email he sent me:")

hey there miss bailey.....

your one of the most gorgeous women ive ever seen in this world..be fore i tell you about my infamouse self...

(1) i would like to have a women like your self in my life because i feel you could make me a better person, i beleive 2 ppl who fall for each other should help each other rise higher in life, in work, just in every way if life... we both can do this for each other.

(2) what i would like to do???? i would like to bring you out in nyc, a nice dinner, some wine, partys any thing, im a high end kinda guy, i have some really cool hook ups in manhattan and at any club, bar, even if you want. we can go to saturday night live. i can make that happen...

about me in short lines....

0. i cut hair for a living
1.i work for my family, we own nyc most famouse and oldest barbershop
2. im a v.p for my hair care line of products.
3 i make over 100 k a year cash.
4. ive grown up having 3 older siters,
5. one of my sisters is famouse in usa, and uk...
6. im classy and i still like to get drity.
7. im ok shape, but if you discide we can date. ill totaly get rock body..
8. im loyal and honest.
9/ i know alot of very important ppl,
20. i can handle being around amazing ppl..
11. ive traveled the world.
12. i race hotrods and drag cars..
14. i live in broklyn
15. i promis you a great time, i mean something that is real. not fake, i have a big heart and i care for ppl i love. i really think we make a great connecttion with each other...


  1. You cut hair for a living.... but make 100k a year?! Maybe I should change my major...

    I also love how he just throws in the fact that he lives in "broklyn" after all of his other grand claims.

  2. This dude lives and breathes Jersey Shore.

    I think. I really dunno, I don't watch that show.

  3. This is funny for just so many reasons...

    He sounds just like the typical full-of-himself douche bag, until you get to the line "i cut hair for a living" Shoulda left that one out - stress the idea that make hair-care products, has a family barber business, etc - anything besides "i cut hair for a living"

    His English isn't great, lots of mistakes. I love that he refers to himself as "infamous"

    Mentions that he makes 100k a year - which may sound high for a typical barber, but it NYC terms it's not much. Maybe if he lives in Brooklyn, and makes cash and doesn't claim it on his taxes then maybe it goes further, but still, it's not a lot of money to make him a big shot as he eludes to.

  4. Um... Yogi Berra threw out the first pitch in the 2009 World Series... I'm pretty sure this guy ain't him...

  5. ^ What's more, Yogi Berra doesn't even live in New York; he lives in New Jersey.

  6. ^ I thought he lived in the woods. I also thought they tried to clone Yogi and made a Boo-Boo

  7. "I'm ok shape, but if you discide we can date. ill totaly get rock body.."

    This sentence alone tells me:
    1) He is fat
    2) He will lie for pussy
    3) He is probably either a first generation immigrant or a complete nimwit as to the English language
    4) He is desperate

    What's the point with the rest of his message really?

  8. He likes to get drity? Sign me up.

  9. I dunno, this one doesn't sound that bad to me. Sure, he might have exaggerated a bit and his spelling/grammar is horrendous, but there isn't anything creepy, weird, or off putting about this profile/email combo.


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