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About me:

Without an appendix, tonsils, or a kidney, I have less meat than most but my heart is larger than anyone's. Just ask anyone. Go on and ask them. I'll wait.

Done asking?

Good. I believe nothing man says but only the words of the prophets. They told me to sign up for this site (RIP- THOSE WHO WENT BEFORE ME) and i'm doing it for them. If I find love I will dedicate it to them in a pride of a lionesses. Enemies stand no chance against me! They will slay at me feets.


  1. She sounds like she might appreciate the "com passion" wielded by the "staff of wiener."

  2. ^He with his "worlds" and "hiugs" and she with her "feets" and "a lionesses."

  3. I feel as though this should be a cult reference that I have heard before.

  4. "They will slay at me feets". Lol, I done know why that cracked me up so much. Maybe I'm drunk.

  5. I imagine crackhead bards trying to recite Lord of the Rings...

  6. People with enlarged hearts die young. The More You Know™.

  7. Hahaha! It sounds like she took a long break, waiting for imaginary people to go asking about her heart. While she was waiting, she snorted a line of blow and drank a few martinis, then finished making her profile.


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