The Neighborhood Hasn't Been the Same Since

Email Sent in by Charles:

Hey Charles!

I'm not that into pro sports though I used to play wiffle ball with my neighborhood kids. Once one of them said that he would play the t and ball (like he was the t and his head the ball) and to hit the ball that was his head off the t. The neighborhood kids thought it was funny so I did it and broke his whole face off.

They wanted to sue me but didnt and now I actually have a restraining order against me though! All from playing sports with the neighborhood kids. Now I boycoot all sports LOL. Ill still goto a game with you if you want to go to one and we can get hotdogs!


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  1. Talk about a lack of coherency. You broke a kid's face off with 1.25" plastic bat? Actually, that's kind of impressive.


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