The More I Pay, the Friendlier They Are. Weird.

Profile Sent in by Pina:

I'm really good at:

Making friends through escort services. I met some lifelong blood friends through strange as it may seem strippers. I respect them and their boundaries and they tell me I'm a good guy. Who am I to argue? I will respect you in the same exact ways. I won't stop making friends through them though. They are good people who also deserve a chance to make friends with special guys like me.


  1. Things wrong with this:

    1) I make friends through escort services
    2) I make "blood" friends though escort services (AIDs)
    3) I will respect you the exact same amount as I respect the average stripper
    4) I will continue to use escort services
    5) I'm special

  2. Escorts are not the same as strippers.
    But I'm pretty sure an escort is not going to ask you to not see other escorts, as far as his/her boundaries go, so I'm pretty sure he'll be respecting her LESS than the escort.


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