More Fun Than a Debt Ceiling Debate, Anyway

Email Sent in by Wendy:

My goooooalll is to get you oooooouuutt for a first daaaaaayyte. I have an ideeeea for something fuuun for us to doooouuooo.

We can plaaaaaaaay….. drumroll gets louder and faster, faster and faster and faster……… aaaaaaaaannnnnndddddd……..


TOILET DERBY! This is when we take some toilets I know where to get and we race them down a driveway a path or a street. WE TAK TILETS

We take toilets and put them on wheels skateboards heh and we can race them while sitting on them. YOU CAN STAK you can stack two people on one if you sit us the right way.

DO THEY FALL DOWN yes they do fall down but its fun when you have two on one it falls down and you fall ontop of each other and is hehehehehehehehe….. whoops! sex.

Fun adventure and we can do it when you want! Call meeeeeeeeeeee.



  1. The Internet: destroying your social and language skills since 1983.

  2. When my mom explained sex to me, she didn't mention much about toilets or falling on top of people out in public. I knew I should have gone to sex ed in junior high!

    She did mention something about getting pregnant from toilet seats, though, IIRC....

  3. This guy needs to hook up with that one girl who liked getting pulled behind people's cars while riding a skateboard - http://www.abadcaseofthedates.com/2011/05/faint-sound-of-darwins-chuckling-could.html

  4. The keys on his keyboard seem to be sticking a lot. I'm fairly sure I can guess why.

  5. "you fall ontop of each other and is hehehehehehehehe….. whoops! sex."

    I love when this happens

  6. "whoops! sex" sounds like rape. I guess it's not rape if you say "whoops!"

  7. ^ Or if you yell "Surprise!"


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