Men Really Are From Mars

Here's a two-fer:

Profile Sent in by Maria:

The most private thing I’m willing to admit:

I was born from a pod, I'll prove it to you if we meet.

Profile Sent in by Patty:

About me:

I won belching contests in 5th, 6th, and 8th grade. In 7th grade a new student took the crown from me by surprise. I got revenge on him by going to his house, wrecking his room, grabbing his pet toad, and belching in its face!

Now I'm an estate attorney. Go fig.


  1. I bet the "proof" is that she has no belly button, which is unusual but definitely not unheard of (see model Karolína Kurková).

  2. ^She had an operation when she was a child that resulted in that look.

    All people have belly buttons even if their look differs, though in extremely rare cases their placement may be off if the umbilical cord was not attached to the usual place.

  3. I thought hers had just healed over? She still has a teeny indentation there.

  4. ^I get the misunderstanding, it wasn't an operation to remove the belly button, just a standard operation, just with that side effect.

  5. I like that this is a legit discussion on this thread. <3

  6. The only real people that never had belly buttons were Adam and Eve..... and the Easter Bunny.


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