Keepin' it Rusty and Real

Email Sent in by Madison:

(Madison says: "I don't have any kids, and it says so on my profile.")

I like to keep things real if you know what I mean. Being real means being a straight shooter and not telling lies. If you have kids already, they need to learn to not tell lies. We're of the age where many women are saddled with em so best to teach em now what to know to be honest with their betters am I right?

How many kids do you have?

Keep kids real. It's the only way to go. Your profile lists you as a preschool teacher and an ass-piring landscape architect. Hahahahahahahahaha…. how do you aspire to be a landscape architect? ""I want to build a bush over there!""  Bwahahahahahahahaha… stupid bitch. Just let nature grow. Nature keeps it real. Why don't you? Better hope your kids do. Honesty is the way to be!

I want to take you out. None of this talking online b.s. We meet, keep it real, see what happens in the bedroom and off on my fire escape (got two of em). Old rusty but the job is done and real. Must be real.



  1. If this guy keeps it real, someone beat me silly with an insanity stick.

  2. "I don't wear a condom, I gotta keep it REAL. Fo shiz."

    I shuddered, typing that.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp5si2zn6Cs Bad quality? Yes, but that's only b/c I'm KEEPIN' IT REAL.

  4. Nature keeps it real, huh? That's what Capability Brown said, and where is he now? Dead.

  5. :) I love "when keepin' it real goes wrong."


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