I'm Glad I Can Quit You

Email Sent in by Edgar:

Hi Edgar,

haha I think I know why your car is giving you so much trouble! Heh heh.

Thanks for the compliments. I'm not sure if I agree fully with them but it's appreciated! I love working with kids and wouldn't have it any other way.

It sounds like your job sucks. Have you thought about leaving it? If so you're a lot more adventurous than I took you for. If not then perhaps I should look elsewhere for a guy because a guy in a rut eventually blames his woman and strikes out with violence. You hear about it all the time. So maybe it's not your job that sucks, Edgar. Maybe it's you who does. Serious self-introspection time.

Think on this and get back to me. Don't write back until you quit. Also, when you do, send me proof so we can continue talking. I hope soon. If you write me again and it seems like you haven't quit then you won't hear from me. I'd rather die than write back to some grade a loser moron like you.


(Edgar says: "I thought she was teasing, since we had been speaking for a little while before this. I wrote her back, joking about what she had written here, and I never heard from her. I did quit that job less than a year later, but I didn't let her know.")


  1. She's not totally wrong, people with really poor job satisfaction do tend to have that leak out into other areas of their lives, and you probably don't want to date someone who REALLY hates their job.

    That said, demanding you quit before even speaking further was ridiculously controlling and OP is in the right not to keep contact with her.

  2. "a guy in a rut eventually blames his woman and strikes out with violence"?? Sorry honey, your Daddy issues don't automatically translate to the world at large. Try not projecting your garbage onto anyone else and see what kind of people you wind up attracting then...

  3. ^while true, if that's what she grew up with and has learned to expect...


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