I Also Dressed Myself for the First Time Today

Profile Sent in by Elle:

I'm really good at:

I've been told that I'm like a love snake. Like one who will crawl in one space and out another. Use me as a handle, lol.

A friend of mine writes music and I write lyrics sometimes for him and his band. This inspired me to write a song called "love snake."

Then you yell this next part: "LOOOOOOVEEE SNAAAAAAAKEEEE!!!"
Then comes the tender part: "I love yu so much, baby. I want to cradle yu and kiss yu and I'm sorry yu were torn before but I will be your love tape." "LOOOVVVEEE SNAAAAAAAKKKKEEE!!!!!"

Ladies and my friends say I'm sensitive but I am just me, take me or leave me, love me or leave me. Proud of myself!


  1. That's gross! A snake "who will crawl in one space and out another." "I'm sorry yu were torn before but I will be your love tape." Inappropriate hymen reference aside, "love tape"? Tapeworm? That certainly crawls "in one space and out another."

  2. Why did it have to be snakes?

  3. I'm pretty sure I've posted this on here before... but I need to do it again.


  4. Someone shouldn't be so proud of himself.

  5. @Ipdar - hahaha, nice Metal Gear Solid reference. Didn't you also make a Portal 2 reference in another post? :D

  6. ^No, I think I was the Indiana Jones guy last time so I decided to switch it up.

  7. You are all misreading his lyric. "Sorry you were torn (emotionally) before, but I will be your love tape (mix tape full of romantic songs)."

    See how normal and awesome it is?


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