How Megan Fox Started Out?

Email Sent in by Pierre:

Have u looked at my pics lately? I have the rosiest cheeks of any woman on here. Some men think that rosie cheeks make a woman fat but this is untrue! I have full body pics posted and u can see that my cheeks are rosy but nonfat.

The questions u will ask me will be how did u get such rosie cheeks? well glad you asked! Not makeup or any colours - its no secret.

So tell me more about u! I am a modle. I modle cloths and hewelry live at departments stores. I even have an agent. We need a woman with rosie cheeks and nonfat the department stores call up my agent and then my agent says go to that store with ur rosie cheeks girl!

My agent gets me shows but I dont want 2 use her nemore cuz she takes so much of my money and I know I can get the shows by on my ownself. lol.

If u write 2 me u will b writing to a fashion modle!!

Tell me more about u.



  1. "I am a modle" — thanks for giving me an excellent idea for a new line of high-end boutique t-shirts for women. I'll send you royalties, AbcoTD.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was thinking "moodle": a cross-breed of model and poodle.


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