Do Cats Dream of Electric Mice?

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About me:

Let me just get this out of the way: I'm a crazy cat lady. I have five cats. Two by choice, three wandered into my life and I couldn't just give them up. There must be a reason why they are here. Just like there's a reason why you're here and I'm here. The world hasn't given you up so I'm sure as shit not going to give up my cats.

I've had a breakup because of my cats. If you cross them, you cross me. I'm not crazy but they are animals and cannot defend themselves or think the way you and I can. They express themselves in different ways like through dreams. If you think that's crazy then you should instead focus your disbelief on people who talk to their plants.

If you like cats then that's already 999% certainty that we will get along. You will love them as I do. And there is a lot of love here.


  1. I like cats, but I also like sanity. No thanks, crazy/not crazy cat lady.

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  3. At least plants can't scratch or bite and don't have a smelly litter box. Also, no cat hair all over your clothes.

  4. "I love every cat. I love every kind of cat. I just want to hug them all, but I can't hug every cat." --youtube.

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  7. Fool, I love cats too but you don't see me single and alone.

  8. "They are animals and cannot defend themselves"
    I'm pretty sure a cat can protect itself better than I can

  9. *pout* When I had my purple clover plant Gregory, I used to talk to him a lot. He was the office plant, and when I left, the executive assistant made sure the new girl still talks to him to keep him growing big and strong. It works!

    Also, I have a cat. Just the one. I prefer dogs.

  10. I've got two, wife's choice, not mine. Once we move into a house with a bigger yard I'll get my dog though.


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