Conspiracy Theater

Story Sent in by Suzanne:

Back in high school, I went on a first date with Kevin, who was a senior. I was a junior. He took me out to see a movie. It was a horror film, which was a good choice on his part, as I liked the genre.

It was on a weeknight, and the theater wasn't very busy. Not too long into the film, Kevin went to the bathroom. He was gone for a while.

All of a sudden, he grabbed me from behind in the dark. I screamed and swatted at him.

He said, "Calm down! It's me! It's me!" He had somehow sneaked back into the theater and crept behind me. Laughing, he sat back down next to me. It took several minutes for my heart to return to its normal beating schedule.

After a little while, he stood up and walked out again, without a word. I glanced behind myself every minute or so, to see if he was going to pull another stunt. Sure enough, I caught him sneaking up behind me again.

He sheepishly sat down next to me. I asked him, "Would you mind not doing that? It's interfering with my enjoyment of the movie."

He said, "I thought the point of this was to spend time together."

I replied, "The point of a movie theater is to watch movies. If you wanted to do something else, we should've gone somewhere else."

He stood up again and said, "Fine. This time, you won't see me coming."

He hurried off again. I hissed, "Kevin!" after him, but he had left.

I stood up and walked to the very back row, so that I would have a vantage of the entire theater and wouldn't have to worry about him skulking around behind me.

He didn't come back at all. I left the theater, looked briefly around the concession stand, popped my head out to the parking lot, then called a friend for a ride and she drove me home.

After midnight, he texted me: "Where are you?"

I replied, "Home. Good night."

He texted back, "I'm at the theater. Found a great spot to hide. Might be locked in. LOL. Come back? Promise to show you a good time."

I didn't reply. In school the next week, he told everyone that I was his girlfriend. No one really believed him, he accused me of starting a conspiracy against him, and from then on, whenever I saw him again, he barely acknowledged me.

This was several years ago, and he just recently sent me a friend request with the accompanying message, "How goes your non-stop conspiracy against me?"

He'll never know, because I didn't answer him.


  1. I don't know what it is, and why this one seems to be jumping out at me, but something seems fake here.

  2. ^ The story here must clearly be part of her ongoing conspiracy against him.

  3. ^^What you are feeling Mediator is that they weren't a Junior and Senior they were middle shcool kids more like 13 & 14 years old.

  4. ^ No, totally believable as high school kids. High school boys ARE actually this dumb, and I'm not surprised that he'd find her years later on Facebook and friend request her with something ridiculous like that. (Although to be fair, OP, he was probably joking.)


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