Claire Danes's New Groove

Email Sent in by Joseph:

hi there!

i liked your profile. my name is marlee. i like monty python, claire danes, and decorating. i like playing soccer too. how long have you played? i used to play a lot more than i do now. where do you play?

i go to wine tastings. no one ever told me that they give you free wines! last weekend my friends and i got sooooo drunk! we found a couple of places where you had to pay to taste but we didn't taste wines there. the free places are awesome! have you ever been?

i want to go wine tasting with claire danes if you want to know a secret. she is my favorite actress and i think she's smart and beautiful. she needs to be in more stuff and if she's not busy like she hasn't been lately then she should come wine tasting with me. and you if you're interested. i want to write to her.

what's your favorite claire danes movie?



  1. "The one where she doesn't go wine tasting."

  2. I think most guys may end up ignoring you or not wanna talk about Claire Danes, Marlee, but only because they're too shy to admit she's one of their favorite actresses.

  3. Sounds like someone just came from a wine-tasting (you're supposed to spit the wine out, you know).

  4. I guess she didn't notice that everyone was spitting the wine out so they wouldn't get drunk. DUH.

  5. What's the one where she gets scarlet fever, but unfortunately pulls through until the end of the movie then finally quits stinking up the screen? That was a good one.

  6. I used to drive a tour bus and every Sunday I would take people on a wine tour. I used to get to wait and watch while other people drank wine. Fun. On the plus side Claire Danes was on my tour once. True story. Except for the part about Claire Danes.

  7. Terminator 3
    Igby goes down

  8. Romeo + Juliet (shut up. JUST SHUT UP.)
    Stardust (DeNiro in drag!!)


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