...But Pie Killed My Family

Profile Sent in by Andre:

About me:

I'm a completely open book. You can ask me anything and expect to receive a direct answer. Of course I expect the same treatment.

There does exist a single topic on which I will not speak. If you even ask me about it, I will sever all communication with you. It won't matter if we are together for a day, a month or ten years. If you bring it up we're through. Do not ask me about what the topic is. Even asking that will be enough to destroy us forever. I like cake.


  1. Way to set it up so that no one ever speaks to you. Probably what you were looking for anyway.

  2. I would totally ask him about it, in like 10 separate fake accounts.


  3. Agnes: doesn't this remind you of Army Mike?

    This is probs one of my fave trolling profiles yet.

  4. "I'm a completely open book, but some of the pages are glued together."


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