Why Nervous Laughter Was Invented

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About me:

i like jigsaw puzzles and make my own. the biggest one i ever made had two pieces only (hahahaha) but it took up and entire kitchen floor and the pieces were made of cinderblox and bricks. 3d puzzle pieces that were impossible to lift. my wife was maaaad hahahahahahaha.

so i like working with my hands, obv. yes i had a wife but now i dont (where did she go?? is she dead?? did i kill her and stuff her in a wall?? nah. ahahahahahaha).  nah exwife's not dead she's living in tampa with her lover! sweet love to the sweet lover. she hated fun and now she's gone so i can be allll yours.


  1. He is definitely a lover of fun.

  2. The image of his 3D cinderblox puzzle on their kitchen floor made this so worth reading. I bet he did it right after finding out his ex was cheating on him with some "sweet lover" from Tampa.


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