Who Let Bob Dylan Near the Computer?

Email Sent in by Larissa:

Got your email.  Let me ask you a few questions here:

Not like most guy dont care about size of bra?  Only emotions to connect you know>  IVe sang in two bands./  avent cut my hair in seven years.  The photos I posted on my profile are all of my younger brother.  He looks like me but has shrter hair.  He is would I what like without shorter hair.  Im sorry drunk stoned and totally screwed up right now.

What kind of guy do you like?  You messaged me so I guess your are interested?  Dont worry about my younger bro hes great.  He''s great but Ill so kill him if he touches touches you.  i Will bathe in the blood of my brother before I let him hurt you you beautiful shame so beautiful woman.

Let me into your life.  That is a lyric from my song.  Let me into your life and haha I forget the rest.  You are so beautiful.

(my real name you will learn laterz)


  1. He will bathe in his brother's blood and he signs off as Blud. I'm scared.

  2. This puts the "sketchy" into Sketchy Emails.


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