The Shit Hits the Star Wars Fan

Email Sent in by Charles:

So u like star wars? How come jedi never went to the bathroom in any single one of seven films? My guyfriends cant explain it so maybe u can. guys all the time say "holy wow i love the star wars but cant explain why jedi dont shit."

One guy i ased said that they force shit. impossible. not even jedi can defeat conservation of matter in universe. shit must happen and u are a star wars fan and so u all like to explain shit to death. explain that.

I'm Eliza. I like ur profile and i think we have a lot of things in common like favorit movies and traveling around.

Its okay i like star wars just explain to me please.

big hugs,


  1. Eliza? Grow a brain first, if at all possible.

  2. Well geez, of course they went to the bathroom! They just didn't show that part in the movies. You know, Jedis need their privacy too.

  3. I might have gone to her profile to see what movies she had listed and point out to her that those characters didn't sh!t either. If seeing people go to the bathroom in movies is something she's interested in, she's watching the wrong kind of movies.

  4. Of course they do. What else do you think is the purpose of that "Protocol Droid" that's always following them around is?

  5. "not even jedi can defeat conservation of matter in universe."

    Actually, yes they can, as somewhat evidenced by the deceased Jedi disappearing and becoming ghosts or whatever they are considered to be.

  6. Yoda says "Logical this one is..........not.

  7. "Poo or poo not. There is no try."

  8. @Baku-chan, their bodies are becoming one with the force while their spirits are staying apart from it at the same time which was kind of an unusual thing to happen, even for Jedi. Plus every time they use the force I'm pretty sure they violate the "conservation of energy" half of that law.

    @Eliza, why do you hate the English language? Did the letters "yo" kill your puppy? Did spell check kill your father and rape your mother?

  9. "holy wow i love the star wars but cant explain why jedi dont shit."

    Holy wow is the best phrase ever. Especially combined with shit at the end. So careful about choosing a non-offensive phrase and then BAM! Shit hits the fan

  10. One word: midichlorians.

    I have no idea what they are, but apparently they are magic.

  11. How does a person understand a concept like the conservation of matter, yet be so stupid...


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