My Drunk 8:00 A.M. Emails Are Far More Respectable

Email Sent in by Lydia:

Picture this!

You an me.  Drunk to high hell.  You leap up and say hey I want to rip off all of the upholstery from this couch on which we have been sitting and drinking so pleasantly.  I say ragh abd all walls of the house fall down (plus roof) and your clothes come off and the whole neighborhood wakes up and says look a naked chick.

Then I tell them all your name which is…..?

(I really shouldn't be drinking at 7AM but hey)



  1. Lydia's profile: "I'm looking for a fun and spontaneous guy who's willing to cut loose and try anything..."

  2. Awesome, Max -thanks for posting that! As usual, any connection between what people say and what happens to them/the kind of people they attract, is purely and highly coincidental.

  3. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

  4. A message for my wife: See, honey? I'm not a *bad* alcoholic!


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