If You Hit Your Head, Take a Break

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About me:

Sometimes I wonder if being on a dating site is a colossal waste of time. The only messages I receive are ones asking me if I'm a man or a woman. My profile clearly states what I am (a woman). This is obvious by smooth skin, breasts (2 of them) and facial structure.

No actually am super colossus! I can bake the world in eyeblink! flames lick the south but in the north all is warm - too warm! Clouds try to put out flames but even they cannot. They cannot! Men with small heads and big shoulders are anxious-making! They walk all in rows and every fifth one is a canner! You (and only you) can stop them!

Email me if you're interested.


  1. I am interested - to find out where dude gets his supply.

  2. I feel like this person typed, "I look forward to meeting a nice person. I like sports, music, and good movies," then ripped it through babelfish a few times.

  3. The second paragraph sounds like a misplaced awesome plot hook for a GURPS game.

  4. I remember this one girl I met online. She had one of those weird photos where it was tough to see if she REALLY was a woman and not a man...

    ....long story short, we went out a few times and I ended up banging her!

    The weird part is she had the longest vagina I ever saw. It was like 6" and had veins. Good times.


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