If at First You Don't Succeed

Profile Sent in by Stella:

You should message me if

I'd love to find a girl who'll let me spit pie filling into her face.  It's twice ended relationships for me so this time I'm going to be upfront about it.


  1. Spitting pie filling on someone's face — but no mention of it being part of sex? Sounds like a a thinly-veiled euphemism for exactly what you're thinking. Or maybe the OP would just like to spit filling on his lover any ol' time...

  2. Actually, I took it at face value (pun intended). Why else would it bring an end to a relationship? It's unusual, and (likely) unexpected on the part of the recipient.

  3. lmao @ "face value"... I'd say a fetish for throat yogurt on someone's face is also relatively unusual, and very often unexpected on the part of the would-be recipient.

  4. You're not wrong, although he'd have to take the time to orient himself into the proper position, giving the recipient at least a clue of what he had planned. The case of it being actual pie could be done at the dinner table, while sitting near each other, no advance warning required.

    Love to ask him. In any event, it inspired this week's poll question.

  5. I really want to know what those 19 (so far) unusual kinks are. Well, at least the other 18.

  6. I've got some kinks that I know Scientist Fiance would find unusual (and possibly alarming), but I read a lot of Savage Love, and compared to some of the shit people write in about, my gender-bending, breast-feeding fetishes seem downright normal.

    ...am I wrong? If so, I'll have to change my answer in the poll.


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