I Rarely Refuse Rewards, But...

Email Sent in by Annalise:

Good day.

It took me a while but I finally set up a profile! Now the trick is to get people to read it! If you read it then you get a prize and the prize is a date with me. Hurry because this won't last long.

I have decided that I will live forever. I have forever but you do not. Fill your life with the spice of life now. You don't really have to go on a date with me but let's at least be friends. My friends are also receiving rich reward the reward being something I can't tell you about until you date me. Here are friend testimonials:

"We are your friends! We love this reward!"
"Such a nice reward and such a nice guy. So glad we are friends."
"What a great guy to be giving us such rewards!"
"We love you and the reward you have given us!"
"We did not expect such rich reward but now that I have been given it we are friends forever but only forever for you because you will live forever and I will not."

Friends let us be then. Write me back (don't forget to look at my profile!) and you will receive the same rich reward!

Hope, love, and peace,


  1. It's like he didn't even try... so why did he take a while to put up a profile??

  2. The reward is probably that he'd tell you about Jesus.

  3. The reward is syphillis.

  4. The reward is funny tasting Kool-Aid.

  5. I'm with Andrew. This has "cult" written all over it.


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