I Googled It

Profile Sent in by James:

Who I'm looking for:

Ah love. That elusive creature! "The thread through the labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust."

If you get the above reference, you should e-mail me right away. Googling doesn't count! I will know if you googled it and that will make you as a cheater and I don't date cheaters. If you are a cheater then you are a liar and an asshole and I will know it. BELIEVE ME. I will know it! Do not even try. Better men than you have and they have all failed to put one over on me. I can't stress this enough. DO NOT CHEAT. I WILL KNOW.


  1. Ugh, the time traveler's wife? (I also googled it)

  2. Sounds like someone is just looking for excuses to be bitter and have "trust issues."

  3. I really like that quote. <3 But I'm a sap.

  4. Apparently she can't trust love.


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