How the Perfect Man Looks

Profile Sent in by Gina:

General information:

i love dancing when i was young and i like dairy queens. i love to cook. my favorite ice cream is pecan pearline. i love things wemon do especially in a relationship. they make me laugh. my favorite color is gold. im a sports man. love to get in a reading zone under the fireplace. love to sleep in the rain. im a good example of a perfect man.


my height is 511 so im kinda tall. i weight 160 with brown eyes. i dress casual some times. im mainly in sport gear cause of my playing. im a very laid back person so im conservative. i see myself in the future a father thats what i want in life and his mother makes boys only please.

Looking for:

in a relationship im seeking a woman who just love her man for who he is pure love wisdom kindness goodness. whays important is that shes committed to me. i prefer a fun motherly love type woman who wants to work and come home and live well by my side. im from california and not moving anywhere else so i would travel back and forth if i were married.


  1. "i'm a laid back person so im conservative"

  2. "mother makes boys only please" LOL, yup cause the egg is a boy or a girl, wow.

  3. I don't even know where to start.

  4. People like him perform a valuable service for the entire dating pool.

  5. At least everything is out there on the surface...

  6. "I weigh 160 with brown eyes, with blue eyes however I'm 162..."

  7. "mother makes boys only please" and the poor English skills make me wonder if he is from Asia. They loves some boy babies over there.

  8. ^ To me it just reads like he's a native English speaker, but with an exceptionally low IQ.

    "im from california and not moving anywhere else so i would travel back and forth if i were married"

    So therefore, if his wife is not from California, he will go to visit her once in a while, but not live with her? So many things wrong with this profile.


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