Hey, That's Bellevue Hospital's Number

Email Sent in by William:


How funny to find you on here!  We met at Jackie's pre-Thanksgiving party last year if you remember.  You even asked me for my number!  WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED?  Just kidding!

You didn't really ask me for my number.  You should have.  Now I'm in the enviable position of having to turn guys down and my awesome boyfriend would kick your ass if you even tried to get in touch with me.  Sorry but you're too late now!  :-)

So what have you been up to?


(William says: "Her profile lists her as single.  Weird.")


  1. Reverse psychology win...

    ... in Opposite World.

  2. This is what happens when elementary schoolers date.

  3. Well, that's why the boyfriend is so awesome - he's in a perpetual state of quantum flux, so he can both exist and not exist AT THE SAME TIME! A logical corollary to that uncertainty principle is that Madeline is both in a happy relationship and SIMULTANEOUSLY a deluded and pitiable woman.

    What I'm saying is that in order to successfully date Madeline, you first need to eliminate her derived state of quantum entanglement by having both physicists and psychologists study her carefully. That's just dating common sense, people!

  4. Longtime reader, and I finally have to leave a comment and ask something. Wolfdreams... are you Sheldon Cooper? :)

  5. wolfie, you're my spirit brother, but entanglement humor is also entangled, and I think yours collapsed to a null state. How about this: Madeline's state can be fixed if you penetrate her box - you know, the one with the pussy inside.

  6. Sorry friends - I try to control it, but sometimes my inner geek slips out. 8-)

  7. Wolfie, are you suggesting that by checking her profile, OP collapsed the waveform and killed her boyfriend?

  8. Yes, EXACTLY! As Schrodinger explained, there was a 50% chance that observing her profile would retroactively kill the boyfriend, and a 50% chance that it would make him fully real.


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