Face the Truth

Emails Sent in by Carter:


I'd like to introduce you to a novel means of self-improvement (that I will think will help you out) It's called plastic surgery.  I'm not saying your ugly but uh well it might be why you have a profile on here after a year!

My suggesttion: try it!


Carter Responds:

Hi Brenda!

Thanks for the tip!  I have one for you: it's called therapy!  Anyone who'd lack as much restraint as you do, and as much respect, likely has some sort of mental imbalance.  It's okay, as I hear that with the help of modern drugs, you can take big strides to curing yourself.  Best of luck!


Brenda Responds:

haha okay you asshole jerk.  I was just trying to help you.  Go ahead and be ugly I don't care.

Carter Responds:

Based on your location, I can suggest the following therapists.  Seriously, be good to yourself and give them a try.  I have to warn you, though: not all of them may be attractive.

Dr. David Grier
(312) 555-4293

Dr. Mindy Ross
(312) 555-5622

Dr. Pamela Wilson
(312) 555-8929

Best wishes,


  1. you wouldnt post this unless you felt ugly. i think you should get the surgery

  2. ^You wouldn't comment like that unless you felt insecure, I think you should get the therapy.

  3. @theMediator: Spot on!

  4. Ahahaha. Excellent, OP!

  5. Brenda tells all her friends that she's "brutally honest," and that a lot of people don't really appreciate her honesty. Which I totally don't understand because she's "brave enough to say what others are thinking."


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