Something's Filled with Sawdust, all Right

Email Sent in by Regina:

I'm like a rusted car. Will you be my four wheels, engine, transmission, and gasoline???

I'll be your bedroom humvee! Or I can tear up anyone who gives you trouble. I work in a crafts store making crafts all day. I work with kids and love them. Well most of them lol. Some I want to unscrew their heads, fill them with hobby sawdust screw them back on lovingly and let them go on their way. Only later they will discover the sawdust!

What do you do? Is it what you always wanted to do?



  1. Those kids must get a real pain in their sawdust when they're around this guy...

  2. When the villain from Coraline wants to date...

  3. This was me, reading the car "metaphor": :-|
    This was me, reading the rest of the email: 8-O


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