Beggin' and Eggs

Story Sent in by Mes:

My best friend's boyfriend suggested that I go on a date with his friend, Tyler. I checked out the dating site profile that Tyler had up. I can't lie, he was very attractive and from what his profile stated, I figured he and I would get along great. I talked to him regularly for about two weeks and he later asked me out. He lived a half hour away from me, but he agreed to pick me up.

He was over an hour late, and I had given up on him when he called to say that he was coming down my street. I walked outside and a beat-up car sped down the road, towards me.

His friend was in the driver's seat with a tattered t-shirt and crazy-looking hair, and he was apparently going to be our chauffeur for the evening, because just as soon as they pulled up, Tyler jumped from the passenger seat into the back seat. And I say "jump" because he didn't get out and slide in through the back door, but rather pounced into the back seat of the shady-looking car and then opened up the rear door for me to get in.

The junk on wheels sped away with Tyler and I in the back seat while his friend drove. About halfway to wherever we were going, Tyler tried to kiss me. I pushed him away, but he persisted.

I had expected to go to some sort of restaurant, but instead, he pulled out a bag of chocolates and a bag of potato chips. "Your choice for dinner!" he said.

We arrived at a house that belonged to a friend of his. There were a lot of girls and guys there with music playing, so I figured it was just a party. I was wrong.

Not long after we arrived, an older lady walked into the room and handed out Easter baskets to everyone. She said, "We're ready to do God's work. Yes, we are." All the while, Tyler couldnt keep from being right on top of me, despite my best efforts to push him away. After the weird sermon was over, we went into a huge, pitch-black yard and were told to go Easter egg hunting.

I managed to sneak away from Tyler and hid out in a bush. When it was time to leave, I hopped into the front seat and rode home untouched. Needless to say, with the many sloppy kisses he attempted throughout the date, when he got me home, he didn't get a good night kiss.

A week later, he sent me a message with a picture of him kissing some other girl.


  1. One of the more confusing stories on this site...

  2. WTF did you do to your best friend's boyfriend to make him hate you so much?!?!

  3. Yes. Weird. Aren't Easter eggs a pagan custom? And how do you hunt them in the dark...?

  4. I don't really understand why you(OP) left with Tyler in the first place, especially if he really did show up as described. Also, I think Lulu may be right, your BF's boyfriend might hate you.

  5. Sounds like OP almost joined a cult

  6. This would be a really boring story if it wasn't for the easter egg thing. I think that needs more explanation.

  7. Thirded on the "best friend's boyfriend hates you," which makes it official. You need a new best friend.

    Also, this is a pretty great cult.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the "best friend" that masterminded the whole thing. I find it doubtful that the "best friend" wouldn't know enough about Tyler to warn Mes away.

  9. Doing god's work = searching for chicken eggs in the dark? I have either misjudged religion or gotten it spot on.

  10. Well, they cut quite a bit out of the story... My bestfriend's boyfriend tried to hook me up with his recently dumped best friend. I understand why weirdo creeper dude was dumped now. I distinctly remember telling him I wasn't into religion, but he brought me to a friggen easter egg hunt party. I figured he would take me to dinner like a normal person and the only reason why I got into the speeding car was because I assumed they were speeding because he was running late. The guy turned out to be a complete creeper and was about as interesting as a cardboard box.


  11. ^^^ Except cardboard boxes don't try to stick their tongues down your throat. At least not the ones they give me at Costco.

  12. ^^ ...or a "wet carrot"

  13. This is so a date a fat chick goes on!


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