That'll Be a Fun High School Reunion

Story Submitted by Lenore:

I couldn't believe it when Drake emailed me.  I knew him from high school, although it seemed like he didn't remember me at all.  We had even shared some of the same friends, so that was a little strange.

We hadn't ever spoken much, but we had only been out of high school for about five years.  Still, he was a nice, good-looking guy, and I thought that it would be a good excuse to catch up, if nothing else.

I agreed to meet him in a park, and I made it there before him and sat down on a bench.  He arrived and I stood up to hug him.

He made for my lips and I dodged away.  He went for them again and I dodged again.  Then, he clasped my face firmly in his hands and dragged me toward his lips, but I planted my hand on his face and dug in with my fingers.  He tore away.

"Five years for this shit?" he yelled, "Fuck you!"  He gave me the finger and stomped away.


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