Logic Man to the Rescue

Email Sent in by Heena:

Hi.  I think you're a nice lady.  But what brought you here in the first place?  Being on a dating site means that certain assumptions must be made as fact:

1. You have tried meeting people in other ways.
2. Those other ways have not worked.
3. By "not worked" it means that it ended because of someone's fault.
4. By law of averages half of the time it would likely be your fault.  The other half it would be the guy's fault.
5. That means that half or 50% of the time you are a bitch.
6. I don't date half-time bitches.  Bitch.



  1. I notice he doesn't say what exactly the guy is, not to mention the fact that he is on a dating site as well.

  2. Good catch, Baku - flawed logic is flawed.

  3. If she's a bitch for half or 50% (thanks for clarifying Ed) of the time & most people sleep about 8 hours (a third 0r 33.33..% of the day) and spend around 2 hours not interacting with anyone then that leaves only 2 hours out of the half a day spent being a bitch to be a bitch, and 2 hours out of 24 is only 8.33..% of the time, learn maths @$$hat Emperor (yeah I said it). Off course I'm not using compilcated formulas like the Law of Averages so my calculations could be off.

  4. What is the point, here? Really, why did he bother to 1. type up this message or 2. send it

    Can anyone explain? Am I missing something?

  5. ^ JLB: people like to vent unnecessarily on internet dating sites, as we've all discovered through the months of reading this blog. Because the recipients of these messages rarely write back, the angry/deranged people are free to say whatever they want about whatever they want with very few consequences. Plus, it's cheaper than a therapist.


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