Choo Choo Your Caboose

Profile Sent in by Maddie:

I'm interested in women with asses like bubblegum: pink and choo-choo-chewy! Never had your ass chewed?? Time to start now! Not just any guy will do this so grab me while you can for some chewing action all night.


  1. I'm looking for a good blog to read. Anyone have a suggestion?

    Oh, and I really love food made from vinegar or brine. Yum!

  2. A man who got his own ass chewed out a few too many times...

  3. I can't say I have ever had my ass chewed. sounds kinky!


  4. That's not kinky you twat.

  5. Nothing about this sounds pleasant at all.

  6. Anne- it is, in fact, kinky. It's clearly a sexual act in his mind, outside of the sexual norm. A kink. You twat.
    (P.S Just assume that if it's not vanilla, it's some level of kinky.)

    Can't say I'm a fan of this particular fetish.

  7. Chewing on an ass sounds pretty vanilla to me. I'm sure I've seen it in some lame romance movie at some point.

  8. I think the biggest issue is that the only thing worse than feeding the troll is to praise the troll.


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