Bad Magic

Story Sent in by Amelia:

Dave wrote to me online and asked me out to a dinner date. He had a good sense of humor and never ran out of conversation topics, so we set up a meeting.

When he picked me up at my house, he came to the door and asked me if he could use my bathroom. Once he was done, we were off.

The dinner portion went well, and in the middle of it, he said, "Remind me. I have a magic trick to show you after dinner."

After dinner, once we were outside, we walked a block or so when he said, "Oh yeah, I wanted to show you a magic trick."

He stopped walking. I watched him do a strange little dance, and then he reached down into the back of his pants and pulled out a pair of dark green boxer shorts as if he had removed them without taking off his pants. He held them up triumphantly. "Ta-da!"

I gave him a weak smile and clapped. "Bravo."

Then, he said, "Hang on," then put his arms around me and reached his hand into the back of my pants. I jerked away from him, and in his hand, he held a pair of panties, which, upon closer inspection, were mine. They weren't the ones I had been wearing, though. It was a pair I had left at home, that he must have taken when he "went to the bathroom," had hidden, and had at the ready for this exact set of circumstances.

I grabbed then from him and stuffed them into my purse. He smiled at me and repeated, "Ta-da!"

I nodded and said, "My turn. Watch me disappear." With that, I turned away from him and walked off.

He called after me, "Your trick sucks! Come back!"

I didn't. A truly good magician never repeats a trick.


  1. lol I would have went back out on a date with him again. He sounds fun!


  2. I would have GONE out and dragged pickles mcgee to a grammar class

  3. I hope he's a closeted homosexual--that's my type.


  4. To hell with this story (although it's so bizarrely funny) and to hell with Pickles.

    THIS EVERYONE: http://forum.1045917.n5.nabble.com/Brilliant-Idea-td4442991.html

  5. Hey Pickles no one cares about your blog go away

  6. Nikki, you could probably try submitting a grant proposal for funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. We could get dramatic reenactments then too if we get enough funding.

    We should also include dramatic readings of the comments, in a Statler and Waldorf style; but I feel like they have their own opinion on my comments...

  7. That would be AWESOME!

  8. The main problem I have with this story is this:
    "When he picked me up at my house..."
    OP could have had a worse experience than underwear stealing when inviting internet strangers to her house.

  9. aaf1261e: I've never applied for a grant before, but if someone wants to work with me on it, I will COMPLETELY be on board for that. ;D And yes, I definitely thought about having commenters' voices heard at some point in the movies, maybe by using paper bag puppets?

    Let's give Pickles room to troll here. TO THE FORUM FOR DISCUSSION!!!


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