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Profile Submitted by Rose:

About me and who I'm looking for:

I share a name with a very popular and distinctive storybook character.  Whenever I meet someone in person, the first thing they say to me is: "Hey, just like that character!  Ha ha ha!"  I used to list it on here because I thought it was amusing.  Then, every message I got was from someone asking me about it, so I no longer have it on here.

Let me be clear: if you make a single crack about my name, then that will be grounds for immediate end of date.  I take it very seriously, and no, I have no intention of changing it.  I used to let jokes roll off me, but they happen too often now.  It stops!  Plain and simple.  I swear the next person who cracks about my name on a date, I will WALK IN FRONT OF A BUS.


  1. Hmmm... would your character be sad if there were, say, three points deducted from Gryffindor?

  2. Hmmmm.... TinTin? But that's a comic, not a story book. Now I'm really curious as to what name is pretty exclusively associated with one character.

  3. Rumpelstiltskin would just be mean. I liked the Harry Potter guess. Does he/she mean first name or full name? If they're Frank Zappa's kid, then Goodnight Moon would be a viable option.

  4. Christopher Robin?

  5. All I know is that, in these kinds of cases, the thing to do is exactly that: take yourself even more seriously, tell yourself you ain't changing and be as humorless as possible. That will surely make the teasing go away.

  6. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt? I can completely empathise.

  7. Why, what book is Supernatural Toe from?

  8. Deep Throat was in a movie, but not a book, right?


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