ABCotD Presents: Peculiar Profiles!

You encounter someone online.  If they write you an off-putting message before the date, it's a sketchy email.  If you end up on a date and it doesn't work out, it's a bad date story.  But what about those folks who don't even make the cut to email phase – those folks who paint such unflattering pictures of themselves on their own profiles, that you wonder how they ever managed to claw out from their parents' basements?

What is it that makes you pass on someone's profile in the first place?

Enter Peculiar Profiles.

Perhaps we can all learn a thing or two from people, looking for love, who write (actual) lines such as, "I am an all-expert of squirrel-tasting," "I run an unlicensed therapy clinic out of my own home," and "I'm proud to be a guy who can lactate."

Send A Bad Case of the Dates screen grabs or pasted text from the strangest profiles that you encounter.  We'll post 'em up, alongside your daily dose of bad date stories and sketchy emails.  Thank you!

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