We Vomitz Too

Email Submitted by Erma:

Now that I have eaten I can write to you. I thought, this is a girl I want to talk to on a full stomach!

I have a good job, benefits, and am educated. All I lack is a woman! A woman with nice long fingernails. The fingernails is key. If you take care of those it shows that you take care of yourself and hubby!

Just don't get them in the food or in the behind! I vomitz!



  1. Fingernail fetish, check.
    Expects you to cook, check.
    Think using impractical grammar and spelling is cute, check.

    Send to trash, check.

  2. The name 'Harold' creeps me out.

  3. "If you take care of those it shows that you take care of yourself and hubby!"

    He clearly hasn't met the vast numbers of women who care more about their nails than they do about other people.

    And I've never heard of a fingernail "in the behind" being a vomiting trigger. That's...strange.

  4. When he said vomitz it reminded me of those LOLCats from Icanhazcheezburger.


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