Still Waitin'!

Email Submitted by Cora:

Heyo!!  Takes a lot much effort to look as hot as u do huh?  I'm jerstering!  I like u for yur personality to.  So tlel me about it! 

Ahaha u can't cause this is an messgae and you can't respond til I send it! Lol!  I can write all sorts of shit and u just wont knoww that it was eger in the message.  Beuty of wtiting online baby!!

So tel me aboutn u.  Im a guy who likes it simple and real - honesty and opennness only please!  Also BOOOOOOOOOBS.

Ahaha kidding again.  u got nice ones tho.

U can write me back anytime.  Im waitin!



  1. "Also BOOOOOOOOOBS." He did say he likes honesty.

  2. "Beuty of wtiting online baby!!"


    Spellcheck anyone? Or don't dating sites have them?

  3. He's a guy who likes it simple and real. If he used spellcheck, he'd just be complex and fake. And only slightly more appealing... or whatever *ahem* sorry, BOOOOOOOOBS.

  4. Realistically, it's better to see the real personality in the message so you don't have to go through the trouble of meeting them.

  5. If that's the edited version, I'd hate to see the "all sorts of shit" that didn't make the cut.

  6. They say it takes ten thousand monkeys ten thousand years to write Shakespeare; I wonder how long it took them to come up with this little gem. A half hour, maybe?


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