Dewey Decimal Number 646.77

Story Submitted by Pedro:

Amelia and I met online.  We were both avid readers and lived in the same town, a town that was known for the large college situated squarely in its environs.  She asked me if I wanted to meet up at the college's library.

The evening of our date, I had a restaurant all picked out and a few ideas for some post-dinner plans if we were both up for it.  We met in the library foyer and I asked her if she was ready to go.

"Go?" she asked, "Go where?"

"Out on our date," I reminded her.

"Oh... I thought... I thought we were just going to be staying here."

I looked around.  "In the library?  For our date?"

She said, "We both like books and it's fun.  Lots of books, right?"

I asked, "You're not hungry for dinner?  Plus, we can't really talk in here."

She said, "There's a whole section on the third floor that no one ever uses.  We can read quietly and talk there."

I gave in.  "Maybe for a little bit, but then I think we should do dinner."

She shrugged.  "I'm not too hungry, but we'll see."

Her idea of "reading and talking" turned out to be more of just "reading."  Every time I tried to start a conversation with her, she shushed me.  I played along for about a half-hour when I said, "Look Amelia, this isn't really a date.  I was hoping we could go out to dinner."

She gave me a look as if I was an ignoramus and said, "I see nothing wrong with staying in the library."

I told her, "I'm hungry, so I'm going to grab dinner."

"Fine!" she said, louder than necessary for a library.  She slammed her book closed and stood up, "Let's go do dinner!"

I had planned to take her to a nice sit-down restaurant, but as I didn't think that our relationship was going to go past this night, I brought her to an independent fast-food kind of salad place.

She didn't say a word to me the entire time we were waiting on line, she ordered her salad separately from me, paid for it herself, and when I sat down at a table, she walked right past me and left me there, again, without a word.  I guessed that she headed back to the library.  I remained behind, ate my salad, and never contacted her again.


  1. Smart guy to change his plans based on her personality and his gut feelings.

    Refreshing to see some actually common sense on display.

  2. Anyone else here google the number?

  3. @Baku: 646.77 is "Mate selection (life skills)"



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