But I Love Ruining Lives

Email Submitted by Don:

I like your profile and your pics but I wonder how many hearts that smiling impish face has broken.  So maby you could tell me before we go any further.  I want to like you but you need to tell me if youve ever broken someone's heart.  Broken hearts take lifetimes to mend so I just want to know how many lives youve ruined.  If one or more then maybe we would be better as friends or playmates since I don't like to risk my own heart being broken or life ruined by a guy.

I have too many girlfriends this has happened to and I would rather a lonnely life by myself than a lonely life because of a guy who just loves ruining peoples lives.  My sorority sister says thats most guys but I think shes wrong.  You could be different.  I hope youre different.  I want you to be different.  Please lets just be nice to each other and not ruin each others lives ok?



  1. Honey, wtf are you doing writing to any males in the first place. Go lay down on a couch or something; you might get your heart broken...

  2. ...this story is better when you substitute the word "hymen" for "heart & lives.

  3. I think we'd be better off as playmates.

  4. I hope he quoted Tennyson's poem "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all" to contradict her melodramatic beliefs and further confuse her. After all, it was said by a famous poet, which should trump what any sorority girl has to say.

  5. Good catch on the sorority thing... that's like saying, "my priest told me the prostitutes on Pico are much cleaner than the ones on Wilshire..."

  6. ^You must be from Los Angeles.


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