Ariel Never Had This Problem

Story Submitted by Carol:

Jack and I had planned for a first date at the beach.  We arrived there close to the evening, and our itinerary was to take a stroll on the shore, then go to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the sea.  It was my first time at the beach all season, so I was excited.  Jack himself I had met online.  He was a nice guy, but quiet.

We met in a lot near the beach, and he came across as even shyer in person than he had over the Internet.  He barely made eye contact with me, and he hardly spoke.  It's okay, as I'm outgoing, but I was hoping for at least some rapport with the guy.

I didn't have long to wait for him to become animated.  We were walking on the beach and I happened upon a couple of similar-looking scallop shells.  I cupped them over my breasts and said, "Look!  I'm the little mermaid!"

He made a face like he was disgusted with me and said, "Ugh, you're a whore."

He sped up and walked ahead of me, but I stopped, so stunned I was by his words.  I don't know what was going through his head, but he just kept going, then turned, near-sprinted back up towards the lot, and presumably drove home.

I kept the shells and pull them out occasionally for my boyfriend.  He doesn't mind them as much.


  1. He must have thought he was Flounder, not Eric.

    Or his Dinglehoffer was broken.

  2. ^ Well that brightened my morning. Kudos.


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