The Archives Have Been Especially Popular This Year

Email Submitted by Jasmine:

Heeey bitch!  You waanna tell me how many baZOOMS you GOT?  My last girl had THREE - two for me and one for Pope Benedict XVI!  What he did with it?  I don't know.  Sealed it in the VATICAN Secret Archivals!

All my pieces are in order!  Snend me pics and lots of em!



  1. ...so many Charlie Sheen jokes, so little time. #vaticanassasin

  2. I wonder if his ex was the chick from "Total Recall"?


  3. Funny, Nikki - my first thought after reading the post, and before reading the comments, was, "where to begin...?"

  4. If a woman has more than two bazooms, the third one is probably malignant.

  5. He was dating no woman, he was dating Chandler Bing.


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