And Now I Don't Feel Weird Anymore

Email Submitted by Joel:

Is your name Joel??  I think we went to college together.  How've you been???

Funny finding you on here.  What have you been up to?  Do you remember meeting at that party with the fire?  You dated Hannah McMurray right?  I heard that was an unpleasant breakup... so sorry.

Have you hung out with anyone else from Purdue since graduating?  You were an engineer, right?  From Chicago?  See?  I remember!  Possibly because I had a crush on you.  HA!  Just kidding!

You had a housemate who dated Jennifer Lawton, one of my very best friends.  Do you remember that night we all went out, got plastered, and ended up back at your place?  My boyfriend found out about it and broke up with me because he thought that I cheated on him with a house full of frat guys.  (Well he was right lol.)

My life is forever different thanks to your antics.  Unsure if in a good way.  Now I don't know if it was a good idea to write this or not but I've already come this far.  Also, I have a confession to make: I got off by myself in your bed when I was over.  More than once.  Definitely at the Christmas party.  You had the bedroom closest to the upstairs bathroom right?

Don't think it matters now but I felt weird writing this and not telling you.  Let's maybe stay in touch!



  1. It's the Christmas party all over again!

  2. IS THIS THE SAME JOEL?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Jared, we are missing CRUCIAL INFORMATION that would amaze-atize the lols greatly, either way.

  3. He didn't mention whether he was the "right Joel" in his email, although given that the submitter gave his name as Joel (and didn't mention that he WASN'T the right Joel), my assumption was that the email's writer had it right: this was the Joel she was looking for.

  4. I find it annoying when people say something like "I have a crush on you" then immediately start going "JK, JK!"

    No you're not.

  5. Oh man, there is NOTHING like masturbating on the bed of someone you have a crush on. More than once. During a Christmas party. Been there done that!


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