Play Ball

E-mail Submitted by David:

Hey baseball fan I love baseball too.  Ever play a two-person game?  Like on a date?  A former boyfriend and I used to, but he hated the fact that I hit farther than he did LOL.  He stopped playing with me but I was better than him at a lot of things so now I'm single again.

If we have a date then I'll bring the bat and balls (not THOSE balls get your mind out of the gutter LOL.)  Theres a baseball field almost right in my backyard that we can try. 

COURT CASE: full disclosure - I'm going to a court in six weeks because of a thing where I chased a kid off the field with a bat.  I didn't hit anybody and no one was hurt, but the kid's mommy has sand up her hoohah and hates free speech.  I'm going to win but you should know all the true details.



  1. Strikes one, two, and three.

  2. A true detail is that someone's mommy has sand up their hoohah? Ow.

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  4. Last I checked threatening a child with physical harm wasn't free speech... and is certainly illegal. I smell a fine and community service in Gloria's future.

  5. Hooray for assault with a deadly weapon plead down into supervised probation and 140 hours of community service!

    Full disclosure: She shouldn't be allowed within 50 feet of a child.


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