Eh, I'll Give You 55 Percent

E-mail Submitted by Meredith:

hey 35 single white male and I am looking for a long term honest and fateful relationship with no mindgames I give 100 percent of myself to 1 person and all i have found is wemon that like to lie and cheat

i havent found anybody yet that can give 100 percent of them self to just 1 guy 45 percent is probley the most and the other 65 percent goes to shattering my heart dont know why but hearts all shattered now

I dont look at any faults a women has with her body I dont go by looks anyway I think u are very pretty by the way if this message intrests u in anyway send me a message I hope to talk to u soon.i also have a very high sex drive and i like going down on a women more then sex.



  1. Hey, what's he complaining for? He's met women who are willing to give 110%.

  2. I like that he's looking for a "fateful" relationship. Nice.

  3. Going down on a woman isn't sex? Try telling that to your next date.


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