And Why Wouldn't I Have Such Pictures?

E-mail Submitted by Zelda:

Hey I see you posted pics of u with ur sister. I looked for her profile on here but I only found urs. Not that ur ugly or anything but I really want to meet ur sister. Any chance u could send me some pics of her? She's real cute. Ur cute too don't get upset!

Is she older or younger? What does she do? Have u seen her naked or in underwear? Does she have a nice body? If u have pics of her naked then u can send those along too.

Thank u!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!!!!



  1. An acceptable response:

    "Sure thing, after you forward me all of your nude photos of your mother. You can edit yourself out of the ones in which you appear together. Thanks."

  2. Would hate to see the family where sisters would send nude pictures of each other to strangers who asked.

  3. When I had an online dating profile, I had a picture up of me and my sister (it was a flattering photo of me), and I swear that I got more emails about my sister than about me. That's what you get for being an average girl with a hot sister, I guess.

  4. Oh man, this is super wrong. Even by my standards...

  5. Well he called you cute, what more do you want? If you don't have any pictures, you should set a camera up in her shower - it's the least you could do to thank this nice, not at all creepy gentleman for complimenting you!

  6. There's some site somewhere that has nude pictures of females with really hot bodies and very hideous faces. The face isn't revealed until the final pic. It would have been classic to find one with the sister's body type, and send all but the last picture, saying she wouldn't allow her face in it. Then, a week later, send him the final pic so he knows what he's been wacking off to all week.

  7. ^ I read a story on College Humor where a guy got tired of his roommate jacking off all the time. He sent naked pics to the roommate, sans face. At some point, he sent the same naked pics with the face. It was the roommate's sister.

  8. @Baku-chan, I literally gasped. LOL that's messed up. Haha.
    Love Jared's response.

  9. There was a chick I went to school with that had this smokin' bod who dressed slutty and had gorgeous blond hair, but really bad buck teeth. When we went to the next level with new people, I saw this guy all hot on her ass recoil like I've never seen anyone recoil before when she turned around. I think there's a Looney Tune that's the same thing. Poor girl.

  10. I meant TOON! P-p-please, Eddie! Don't throw me out.


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