Why Guys Finally Settle Down

E-mail Submitted by Helen:

I like to do 69 and other crrrrrazy stuf!  There are still things you should wait until a wedding nite to do.  I would be patient and wait until a wedding nite to try them with you.  There are places you can rent spinning tables and you go down them on your back and I suspend above you and you spin while I am inside you.  Other thing we can do is get more women so I can have a few at once.  Agin, wedding nite only please.

If we end up together than every nite can be our wedding nite!  Could you imagine????



  1. Same as with the dominatrix posting: there are specific websites for crazy emails like this. Leave it off eHarmony.com. :P

  2. I've got my middle finger up buddy, sit and spin yourself.

  3. Woooah this guy does crazy stuff! 69?! wow he's just wild! I bet he even does it in the missionary position with the lights off in order to procreate.


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