We've Even Picked a Date and Time

E-mail Submitted by Dorothy:

Women and met are like jigsaw puzzel pieces have you ever noticed that?  There ade for each other but physically all fit while it's all emotions that get in the way and prevent prper fits.  Women like to pretend that emotions are always in the way but its just their prissy personalities.

Prissy priss priss wants a man to do all her work for her but when it comes to sexing "oh no i'M to prrissy priss for this!  we're made for it but i'll deny it as punishment to self and to my man!  He'll do what I say or I can change him good."

now is not a good time to fuck with men.  we're coming back and you'll see: prepare for vengeance.



  1. I wonder how many women he sent this to?

  2. Hopefully not too many. We can't have our plans ruined by one treasonous renegade.

  3. I have already had him silenced... permanently.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "now is not a good time to fuck with men. we're coming back"

    Did we, er.., go somewhere?

    Why do I never get the memo on things like this?

  6. Don't you just HATE when you're multitasking on your computer and you accidentally get your online dating letter mixed up with your deranged manifesto? It'll be even MORE embarrassing later, after he's shot up a school & killed himself, and his suicide letter starts "Hi Dorothy! I was reading your OKcupid profile and I think we have a lot in common..."

  7. I liked Jared's comment better than the email.

  8. It's like he's met me! I always say I'm far to prissy priss for the sexing. Might mess up my hair. Got my man doing a pedicure this very moment...


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