I Think I'll Stick with Black & Decker

E-mail Submitted by Wendy:

Cold winter nights ahead!  Do you have a Liam?  A Liam will keep you warm through cold winter nights!  He is a warmth friend who will keep you warmer and warmer the closer you cuddle up with him!

On especially cold winter nights you can use your Liam to warm up your insides as well as your outsides!  Liam comes with a mini-heater that you can place in certain areas that will warm them up immensely and specifically!  (Can you guess what those areas are?  Between your legs and in your mouth!)

Winter's not going anywhere, but Liam can be yours for the low low price of asking him!  That's right!  Free warmth on cold winter nights.  You have nothing to lose by asking Liam and Liam's mini-heater over to your house on cold winter nights.  Warmth and good feelings await you!

You need a Liam!



  1. I love how he finds the need to clarify where the "mini-heater" goes.

  2. That was kind of goofy and cute until he had to start talking about his "mini-Liam".

    Please guys, unless you're on some kind of specialty site PLEASE stop talking about and/or sending pictures of your penis to women you don't know.

    If you guys meet and hit it off you can start talking about your mini-heater on the second or third date if the lady seems interested (and even then, a little subtlety goes a long way).

  3. You need a Liam...To leave you alone.

  4. Would it have been too literal if his name was "Dick"?

  5. Oh thank heavens! I hate when my mouth gets cold on those long winter nights, and I've always wondered how I could heat it up!


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