Tea'd Off

Story Submitted by Ethan:

Lia and I had our first date at an independent tea house, the kind that has porcelain tea cups for you to use if you'll be drinking there.

She insisted on paying for our teas, since I had already offered to pick up dinner afterward.  When she brought the teas to the table, her hand must have experienced a tremor, as she accidentally spilled some on my arm.

"Oops," I said, taking the tea from her, "That's okay."

Then she yelled, "Fuck!" and smashed her own cup of tea against her head.

She collapsed to the ground, teacup and all, then she sat up and yelled at the teacup: "Don't you hit my fucking head!" and she smashed the cup to the floor, shattering it.

The barista, who turned out to be the owner, was advancing toward us, and Lia turned tail and ran out.

The owner turned to me and requested that I pay for the shattered cup.  I refused, as I wasn't the one who had shattered it.  Then, she kicked me out.  I asked for a to-go cup for my tea, and she refused to give it to me, so I grabbed a to-go cup myself, poured my tea into it, and left.

Lia called me up to apologize and I accepted it, although I did not go out with her again.


  1. I am amazed you had the cajones to ask for a take away cup OP, you made yourself an enemy out of that cafe rather than apologise profusely and explaining your date was completely badger crap insane?!
    Also as an ex barista myself I have to say I dislike customers who, when refused something, try take it themselves. You are an awful customer.

  2. Seconded. I'm an ex-barista too- that was a bad move. if you'd just told them what had happened instead of acting like an ass they'd have been fine.

  3. You asked for a to-go cup after your date made a ridiculous scene, broke their china and ran out of the store? Who are you, Larry David?

  4. I'm kinda on the fence about this one. Had I had a family member or someone I knew closely break the cup and make a scene, I would have paid for it, apologized, and gotten that person to pay me back later.

    However, he did not know this person and should not be responsible for her mess. And furthermore, as he had paid for his cup of tea, the store had no right no refuse him a takeout cup.

    I agree with his decision to take one himself - though obviously he won't be able to go back there ever again.

  5. HE didn't pay for the tea, the psycho date did. The same chick who broke their china. He could have apologized for what his date did and explained that he had only just met her, but instead he decided to be a dick and demand a take away cup without explaining anything. Those take away cups typically cost about a quarter, so dick head OP adds insult to injury by stealing a quarter from them.
    She was a bad date, but he was insensitive and overall shitty person.
    I would not have paid for the cup either, but I would have apologized to them profusely and explained the situation.

  6. You definitely owed that tea shop an explanation, at the very least.

  7. Yeah I'm with OP & churro on this one, and I don't give a shit how many people who read this are baristas. I wouldn't go to your cafes either, you whiny douchebags. No reason he should have to pay for a cup he didn't break, and I don't blame him for taking a cup when the owner tried to kick him out without letting him take his tea with him.

  8. @Anne

    I can see your point about the takeaway cup. Though I think it would have been considered even more nervy to refuse to pay for the damage, then to flip them a quarter for the cup.

    He might as well have taken the tea though, they were just going to throw it out anyway.

  9. Chill pill, people. Some of you are making it sound like he stole the tea then asked for a to go cup. Someone paid for that tea, he had a right to take it with him, it's not like he tried to just take the porcelain teacup.

    And btw, take away cups cost about a quarter? Are you freaking kidding me? They cost less than that if you buy retail.

  10. ok, w/ all this debate regarding whether or not the OP was entitled to a go-cup, everyone is ignoring the obvious. I'm seriously supposed to believe a girl smashed herself over the head with a cup of tea, then yelled at the broken tea-cup? Sorry, but I call BS...

  11. Not even well-written BS, IMO.


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